Beint í efni

Enjoy life in a new city district, where shopping, culture, entertainment, food, and drink create a diverse community in the heart of Reykjavík.

Welcome to Hafnartorg

Food and drinks

Street food, gourmet food from master chefs, pre-show drinks? Whatever you need to make your day.


Break up your day and have fun in great company.

Hafnartorg Gallery

Begin and end your day at Hafnartorg. Hafnartorg Gallery is the heart of this new harbour district with always something going on.


Underneath Hafnartorg is one of Icelandic largest underground car parks, with 1,160 parking spaces. Entrances to the car park are located by Harpa, on Pósthússtræti, and on Austurbakki in Reykjavík Harbour. The underground car park offers direct access to all buildings on the site.

Map of Hafnartorg

1. Akur 2. Fuego 3. Kualua 4. Black Dragon 5. 66° North 6. Smjör 7. Brand 8. The North Face 9. Casa 10. KOFI gallerí 11. La Trattoria 12. Neó 13. Maikai 14. Skor 15. Collage the Shop 16. Collections 17. The Icelandic Phallological Museum 18. H&M + H&M Home 19. Cos 20. Iurie Fine Art 21. Mikado 22. Levi's 23. Ungfrú Reykjavík 24. Joe and the Juice 25. GK Reykjavík 26. Optical Studio 27. Michelsen 28. Bioeffect 29. Lyfja 30. Reykjavík Konsúlat Hotel