Beint í efni

Welcome to the heart of downtown life at Hafnartorg. Hafnartorg Gallery is a destination dedicated to food, shopping, and culture that aims to driving force behind the diverse community in the new harbour district. An array of restaurants for all occasions and selected shops make Hafnartorg Gallery a wonderful destination all year round.

Hafnartorg Gallery

Group bookings

You can book a table for groups at Hafnartorg Gallery. Reservations are accepted for a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 40 people.




Hafnartorg - Bílastæðahús

Underneath Hafnartorg is one of Icelandic largest underground car parks, with some 1,160 parking spaces. Entrances to the car park are located by Harpa, on Pósthússtræti, and on Austurbakki in Reykjavík Harbour. The underground car park offers direct access to all buildings on the site.

Hafnartorg Gallery offers shelter from the elements, buzzing with activity from morning to night with regular events, excellent direct access directly from Iceland’s largest car park, and proximity to everything the city centre has to offer.

It is also a great place for quick pit-stop before moving on to other adventures – your starting point for a day of shopping in the city centre, a resting place between destinations, or a place to enjoy food and drinks before a cultural event.