Beint í efni

Group bookings

Book a table for groups at Hafnartorg Gallery.

Need to book a table for a group ? At Hafnartorg Gallery you can book a table for minimum of 10 people and maximum 40 people. You can request a private area, which can seat maximum of 35 people. The area in question is near Akur restaurant, and can both be left opened to the whole dining area or closed off with drapes, giving it the option of complete privacy.

In order to book a table please send an email to

Food Tickets

We also offer Food Tickets that are suitable for many groups, but are independent of the group bookings, i.e. everyone can buy a meal ticket despite not being part of a group booking. Food Tickets are valid either for a meal and a drink or only a drink. These are the six types of Food Tickets we offer and their prices:

  • Limited Food Ticket + Soda - 3500 kr.
  • Limited Food Ticket + Wine/Beer - 4500 kr.
  • VIP Food Ticket: Anything from any menu + Soda - 6500 kr.
  • VIP Food Ticket: Anything from any menu + Wine/Beer - 7500 kr.
  • Soda - 400 kr
  • Wine/Beer - 1350 kr.

Here you can see what the limited Food Tickets offer:

The tickets can be used at all the restaurants at Hafnartorg Gallery, except Black Dragon and Smjör Bistro & Bar.

You can order Food Tickets and/or get more information by sending an email to